Vogue 8669

Vogue 8669

I whipped this up last weekend I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I picked up the fabric at JoAnne’s one day when I had a 20% off coupon.  I was so surprised to find this fabric there.  The last time I had looked for knit fabrics there, everything was either sold color or really old fashioned.  Yuck.

But I lucked out with this and with another piece I bought (haven’t sewn it up yet.)  My quest for knit fabrics has started because I recently purchased a serger.  Which then sat in my studio because I don’t serge my quilts.  I had to remind myself why I bought it in the first place — I like to wear knit fabrics, I like to sew my clothes, and I hate to sew knits on my regular sewing machine.

This was a great pattern to sew and very quick.  And it brought back the days when I was 12 or so, taking a sewing class at Stretch and Sew because my Mom didn’t want me to mess up her new Bernina.

When I drafted it, I made almost no changes other than in the length (I’m rather short.)  I thought I would like the neckline to be lower in front.  But when I tried in on, I like it just the way it is!


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