Angles and Lines

I haven’t made a lot of art quilts lately.  My life has changed so much in the last two years — moving, divorcing, dating, layoffs at work, etc.  Within that stress I have taken great comfort in knitting, spinning, some fashion sewing, traditional quilting, and even making some jewelry again. I have even taken some drawing classes and am starting to try my hand at designing fabric. All in all, still creative but not at the same level of intensity.

This piece, Angles and Lines, has been one of my favorites.  It’s about three feet square.  I dyed all of the fabric used in the quilt.  It was an experiment in dyeing that creates a brushed cotton — it looks almost like suede.  It was a very successful experiment and with the deep colors I used during that time it was even more dramatic.  The result at least in part, was this piece.

The entire piece using fusing for the construction.  I cut the strips and fused them together first.  Then I cut the large pieces, cut the strips to fit and fused them all together.  The whole piece is fused to the batting.  I use an envelope technique to add the backing on and then its ready to quilt.  I straight line quilted this piece, to echo the lines in the fused strips and emphasize the angles of the large pieces.

I have shown this quilt in several different galleries around town.  And I’m glad it has never sold.  I really love this one!


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