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So I have been doing a lot of reading lately about blogging.  Ironic, to be reading about blogging instead of actually blogging.

Anyhoo…the original idea behind starting this blog was not to showcase my crafts, photos, etc.  Rather, my thought was to flesh out what I would focus on selling in my future Etsy shop.  That is not the direction I ended up.

I ended up following some guidelines…to schedule my posts, to have regular features ie Foto Friday, to post three to five times per week.  However, the common theme I read about regarding blogging, at least as it applies to art and handmade items, is to be authentic.

For me, authentic means not writing a week’s worth of posts ahead of time.  It means not scheduling posts, not establishing regular features, etc.  At least for now, being authentic means writing about what I am thinking about.  Sometimes that is what I am working on in my studio, or what I am out taking pictures of, or what my current inspirations are.   Sometimes it includes pictures, sometimes it doesn’t.

So back to the original idea behind this blog.  I am still firming up what my Etsy shop will look like.  Or if I need two shops.  And I will still show some of my crafts, because that it what my Etsy shop will be about.  But sometimes I will talk about my life, my thoughts and my inspirations.  Because that’s how you will really get to know me.


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