To Infinity and Beyond

Upcycled Infinity Scarf

Well, maybe not beyond.  But definitely to an Infinity Scarf!  This is a great project to upcycle an old tshirt.  This was one of my favorite tshirts, but I lost some weight and it just didn’t fit like a tshirt should.  I didn’t want to part with it…I knew I wanted to upcycle it somehow but just hadn’t found the right project.

Enter Alicia at Art for All.  She posted this awesome tutorial and I couldn’t wait to get started.  This is a supereasy project, easily completed in an evening.  And it is a lot of fun!

My favorite tshirt

It all starts with a tshirt.  This was a great choice because it has some color design to give it a little pop and some subtle graphics as well to keep things interesting.

Cut into equal segments

Cut the shirt into fairly equal segments.  I also cut off the hem so that the edges would all curl up prettily on the finished scarf.  This part was hard, kind of like cutting your hair after it has been long for awhile.   You know you want to…really you will be happy when this is all done.  But you just have to take that first big step!

After this step, you will have two big loops.  Cut them in half to make two long strips.

long strips for scarf

All that is left now is to sew these two strips into one big loop!  Honestly, this part took me the longest.  I decided to use my serger for this step instead of my sewing machine.  The serger was threaded with black thread…not a good look for a green scarf.  So I re-threaded it with four different colors of thread (I thought it would be fun.)

If you use a serger, you know that re-threading is a little scary.  The easiest way to do it is to knot the new thread onto the already-threaded-through-the-serger thread, push on the go pedal and before you know it you have your new thread in the serger.  It works great.  Unless you are in a hurry and don’t check all your knots.

You can guess what happened next.  Luckily it was only one of the needle threads that didn’t hold up, so it wasn’t too hard to fix.  It just took a little time to find the manual with the threading directions to get it rethreaded.

Hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!


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