Dying to Dye

I spent a wonderful weekend up to my elbows in fabric dye, print paste, screens, stencils and other surface design fun.  It’s been a long time since I have had an entire weekend just to play like this.

Everything is still a work in progress so no photos yet.  I have a couple different surface design projects going on now.  One is working through the exercises in Jane Dunnewold’s Complex Cloth.  Second is resurrecting some of the really ugly fabrics that I have dyed and overdyed and still they are just ewwwwww.

I’m working through the Jane Dunnewold exercises because it has been so long since I have done any surface design that this kind of structured play is a good review and gives me some structure to work within.  Because trying to rescue some of these overdyed uglies is exactly the opposite — anything goes here cuz it can’t get any worse!

Activities for this weekend included immersion dying, which I have done very little of anyway.  I typically dye smaller lengths (1 yd or less) using a very different technique.  Lots of screenprinting, which I love!  I did some deconstructed screenprinting a la Kerr Grabowski and Rayna Gilman.  And more traditional printing with paint and thickened dyes.  I have a lot of thermofax screens from Marcy Tilton and I was using those like crazy!  And a little stenciling and a little stamping too.

This week it’s back to my regularly scheduled sewing projects, with a little bit of surface design too!


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