What Inspires You

Canadian Flowers in a Field

Inspiration is a funny thing.  It comes in waves — either you have an overabundance, or none at all.

Japanese Tea House

Sometimes color within an image is the inspiration.  Sometimes it’s texture.  And sometimes it’s just the view through a window.

Blue Door in Mexico

I am always fascinated by doors.  Especially the colorful, ornate, doors in Mexico.

A Well-Traveled Path

And paths are intriguing…where do they lead and what awaits you at your destination.

Over the years, I have created a very large (and still growing) catalog of photographs.  When I am looking for inspiration, I start flipping through my files.  Sometimes I get lost in the memories.  Sometimes I get hit with the lightening flash of inspiration, and I am compelled to get in my studio and get busy.  But more often, inspiration comes as a slow burn…it simmers for a day or two.  I play with fabric and in my sketchbook.  And slowly it builds up until it boils over into something beautiful.

What inspires you?


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