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This is a photo of part of my sewing room (sorry about that light shining in your eyes!)  I took on a project to help out a friend that turned out to be a little more involved than I thought.  Her husband has been in and out of the hospital for the last nine months.  Several times they thought he wouldn’t make it.  She has drawn on her church family for strength and support over these months, and its time to give back.  The church is having a craft fair and she is setting up a booth to help support it.  I volunteered to help out, and I am making 20 tote bags for her booth.  It’s been a big project and I’m glad to be doing it!

If you’re in the area, stop by the first Baptist Church, Ashville OH on December 3 and support an amazing church!

My other big project has been setting up a new domain for this blog.  This has turned out to be more complicated and time draining than anticipated.  It’s getting closer and I’m really excited about how it is coming together.   And Gatorhost has really awesome customer service!


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