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More Distractions

What I am Working On


This is a photo of part of my sewing room (sorry about that light shining in your eyes!)  I took on a project to help out a friend that turned out to be a little more involved than I thought.  Her husband has been in and out of the hospital for the last nine months.  Several times they thought he wouldn’t make it.  She has drawn on her church family for strength and support over these months, and its time to give back.  The church is having a craft fair and she is setting up a booth to help support it.  I volunteered to help out, and I am making 20 tote bags for her booth.  It’s been a big project and I’m glad to be doing it!

If you’re in the area, stop by the first Baptist Church, Ashville OH on December 3 and support an amazing church!

My other big project has been setting up a new domain for this blog.  This has turned out to be more complicated and time draining than anticipated.  It’s getting closer and I’m really excited about how it is coming together.   And Gatorhost has really awesome customer service!


Creative Journey


Where does your creative journey begin?

Mine began many moons ago, when I was a child.  Maybe it was simply that my mother wanted to keep me busy.  (Hi Mom!)  Or maybe she wanted to share her interests with me.  Regardless, I started stitching (crewel embroidery) when I was about five.  I moved on to knitting and sewing soon after.  My best birthday present when I was 10 was a sewing machine.

My road has had many branches.  I played the violin for many years, performing in a youth orchestra which toured the US and Europe.  (All kinds of awesome to travel like that while in college!)  For many years, my craft/art of choice was cross stitch.  At the same time I kept sewing.  I even took my sewing machine with me to grad school.  And back then, it wasn’t what the cool kids were doing!

When I moved to Ohio, I discovered quilting.  I joined a guild and learned how to put a quilt together.  I think I even took a class offered by the guild, in spite of not learning well in classrooms.  I kept up with other crafts as well…knitting and some other random things that I can’t remember now.

Somehow, from traditional quilting I found art quilts.   I still keep my hand in with knitting, spinning, sewing, traditional quilting and even some mixed media work.  These seem to give me the balance I need to create my art quilts.  And my photography plays a huge role in the inspiration for my art quilts.

All the branches in the road have come together.  My road is clear, and my journey has a destination.

Where does your creative journey begin?

What Inspires You

Canadian Flowers in a Field

Inspiration is a funny thing.  It comes in waves — either you have an overabundance, or none at all.

Japanese Tea House

Sometimes color within an image is the inspiration.  Sometimes it’s texture.  And sometimes it’s just the view through a window.

Blue Door in Mexico

I am always fascinated by doors.  Especially the colorful, ornate, doors in Mexico.

A Well-Traveled Path

And paths are intriguing…where do they lead and what awaits you at your destination.

Over the years, I have created a very large (and still growing) catalog of photographs.  When I am looking for inspiration, I start flipping through my files.  Sometimes I get lost in the memories.  Sometimes I get hit with the lightening flash of inspiration, and I am compelled to get in my studio and get busy.  But more often, inspiration comes as a slow burn…it simmers for a day or two.  I play with fabric and in my sketchbook.  And slowly it builds up until it boils over into something beautiful.

What inspires you?

Rainy Days and the Blues

Rainy Day

Today has been different.  It rained again today, and it seems like everyone I have met up with has the blues.  Not just kinda down but really blue.

And I have to say that it has affected me.   Not quite to the point where I am down and out myself.  But I am having a hard time getting up the energy to be creative, or to learn about something new, or even to read a book.

Sitting around watching movies is about all I am up for right now.  I think everyone has a go-to when they are feeling down.  For some, it can be a cup of tea and a good book.  For others, it might be drinking.  My go-to is to watch a movie — a specific movie.  The Devil Wears Prada.

I don’t know why.  Maybe because the main theme is discovering  and being true to yourself.  And this has been my journey for the last couple of years in particular.  Or maybe it’s just the awesome clothes!  Probably a little of both.

What’s your go-to when you are feeling down?