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How I Get Great Fabric at Great Prices

Great Fabric

Who doesn’t love a bargain?  Especially a bargain on fabric!  Like a lot of people in our current economy, I am on a budget.  Not a have-to-choose-between-rent-and-groceries, but more of a watch-what-I-spend-so-I-can-pay-the-rent budget.  As a result, I am always looking for ways to get great fabric at great prices.

Sure, we all know about playing the coupon game at big box fabric stores.  And there is even the 10% off the week of my birthday game at my local quilt store (which I totally blew today.)  Anyhoo, that’s not what I’m talkin’ about.

What I’m talkin’ about is the quality fabric shown above for less than $1 per yard.  Or the 5 lbs of premium quality quilting cotton for $10.  What I’m talkin’ about is YARD SALES!

Now, I have never been much for yard sales.  Give me a good flea market anyday, but to drive around town all day and look at other people’s stuff…waste of sewing time.  For anyone else out there like me, I have one word for you.  Craigslist.

Craigslist is not just for politicians looking for a one night stand anymore.  Craigslist has an entire section devoted only to Yard and Garage Sales.  However, reading through all those posts is…waste of sewing time.  In answer to this, I give you the search function.

All I do, every weekend in yard sale season, is search on the word “fabric” in the Craigslist category for Yard and Garage Sales.  Do I find fabric bargains every week?  No way.  But I find them often enough to go back for more!   I bought the fabric pictured from a clothing designer destashing before her move to NYC.  Another sale had nice fabric for $2 per yard, and vintage patterns for 50 cents.  And yet another had the quilting fabric I mentioned before — 5 lbs (about 12 yards) for $10.  I bought two.

So now you know my secret.  Get out there and get some bargains!